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 So, this is us ! Feel free to click on one of these ugly guys... You'll get pictures, personal info, dirty details, dirty feet, you name it.

Piano - Guitar - Drum - Vocals - Bass

The Horny Sexion : Trumpet - Tenor - Baritone



In the beginning...
  The very first "version" of "Bad Luke & The Happy Few" dates from back in 1990, when Chris Vits decides to form a bluesband with some old friends of his. Almost 10 years later, Chris ("le président-fondateur") is the only survivor from the original line-up.

In '92, the band faces the first change of personnel: the pianist quits the band, and your servant (Dirk Maes) learns from Mich, organplayer with The Diving Ducks (now The Blues-O-Matics) that this unknown starting band is looking for a new pianoplayer. At that time, I was a beginner too, and looking for a band: so this was my first chance I took with both hands. I still don't regret...

Somewhere 'round '93: first gig in restaurant "L'Opéra Bouffe". Quite chaotic, but one has to start somewhere. Line up at that time: Chris Vits (guitar), Dirk Maes (piano), Frans Ruzicka (bass), Jean-Louis Faict (drum), Stef (vocals), Dirk Slaghmuylders (harmonica).

Hard time growing up...
Chris wants to move on and lift the band to a higher level, and realizes that this won't work with the casual friends from 'round the corner as musicians. What follows is a hectic period of discussions, fights, musicians quitting the band in anger, musicians being kicked out, etc. 
In this period we try to sound as much as possible like The Fabulous Thunderbirds (I don't remember if this was on purpose), with a 6-piece band (guitar, piano, vocals, drum, bass and harmonica). And we have the pleasure of meeting with our current singer (and manager): Hans Deboeck.

In all this years we manage to wear out five drummers: Francis "Clou" Clauwaert (ex-Willy Nilly, also designer of our logo), Stef Broos (now with Tex), Heinz Jambaree, Mike Goyvaerts (once with The Regulators, today with The Excello's), interim John Chalmers (Steppin' Out), Philippe Schoovaerts.

Same thing on the bass: after Frans came a.o. Hans De Schenkel, Benny Mason (now Tex),...

Three harpplayers: "Dirty" Dirk Slaghmuylders (now Willy Nilly), interim Dirk Nobels (ex-Tuff Enuff), and Thomas Van Laer (ex- Steppin' Out).

The big problem was finding musicians who are looking for the same musical style, who are more or less on the same technical level,  who have the same (realistic) ambitions in the world of music, who want to put in as much time and energy as the others, and (most important !) form a real group of friends, without internal frictions and endless fights. It has taken us about five years...  

Since 2001 Bad Luke & The Happy Few consists of 8 musicians: Chris Vits (guitar), Dirk Maes (keyboards), Hans Deboeck (vocals), Alain Janssen (bass), Joël Meurisse (drums), plus the 3-piece "Horny Sexion". Members of this horn section are Dirk Verbrugge (tenor sax), Joeri Wingelinckx (trumpet) and Willy Janssens (baritone sax). These 3 guys have years of experience in many Big Bands, so they know what it takes to make a band swing.

The number of gigs is growing again, the enthousiasm too, Bad Luke's Homepage is online since 1997, our first demo-CD has been released in '99, with a second to follow in 2003. But most important: we continue to play music just for fun, simply because we like to play together. So: Bad Luke is doing very well, thank you... 



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