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  Demo 2003 : 3d demo, 2 tracks , 1 take !

This demo has been recorded the way a demo is supposed to be recorded (especially with a $0.00 budget) : in 1 take, on 2 tracks. Everybody in one room, and roll it. No overdubs, no multitrack, no cut-and-paste. 
"As live as it gets!"

As a result, you get an idea of what to expect during a gig with Bad Luke & The Happy Few featuring The Horny Sexion anno 2003.


Recording: Overijse, 02/01/2003 and 04/01/2003

Sound: Tim Janssen & Alain Janssen

Drums: Jol Meurisse
Bass: Alain Janssen
Keys: Dirk Maes
Guitar: Chris Vits
Vocals: Hans Deboeck

Baritone Sax: Willy Janssens
Tenor Sax: Dirk Verbrugge
Trumpet: Joeri Wingelinckx


Song Full MP3
(128 Kbps)
(96 Kbps)
Gee I wish
(Milton Love/Sam Phillips, arr. Duke Robillard)

This swing just HAD to be recorded, when you are lucky enough to play with a 3 piece horn section. We based our version on Duke Robillard's interpretation on "Duke's Blues". Wonderful record, by a fabulous musician. The Horny Sexion gets a place in the spotlight on the intro and even more so at the end. ALL NIGHT LONG!!

MP3 (3,46 Mb) MP3 (372 Kb)
Baby please don't lie to me
( Kim Wilson)

Straightforward up-tempo bluessong, with guitarsolo from Chris "El" Vits. Simple but efficient horn arrangement (look mum, a rhyme). Watch out for the very first second: turn the volume down a little bit, especially if you're listening with headphones...

MP3 (2,66 Mb) MP3 (358 Kb)
Don't touch me 
(Johnny Guitar Watson, arr. Kim Wilson, Ronnie Cuber)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson ! One of our favorites. This time with a real tearjerker. Too bad I can't show you the Horny Sexion's choreography during live performances! The horn arrangement is based on Kim Wilson's version on "Tigerman". And El Vits gets a little carried away on this one...

MP3 (3,47 Mb) MP3 (526 Kb)
Rocks in my bed
(Duke Ellington, arr. Roomful of Blues, adapted by BL & THF)

Duke Ellington: this means a jazzy song, very slow blues, with Joeri Wingelinckx on the trumpet in a very prominent role, and Willy Janssens in a very nice and delicate baritone sax solo. And Hans gets a great opportunity to show his vocal skills.
Writing the horn arrangement for this one was quite a challenge: Duke Ellington had a full Big Band at his disposal, Roomful of Blues turned it into a 5 piece horn section arrangement (on "There goes the neighbourhood"), which I've tried to reduce to 3 horns. We've worked hard on this one, but the result is pretty nice. 

MP3 (5,30 Mb) MP3 (519 Kb)
Rocket 88
(Jackie Brenston, arr. BL & THF)

A real fifties R&B classic, officially credited to Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats, but in reality a song by Ike Turner, with Jackie Brenston on tenor sax and vocals. Considered by many as the very first Rock&Roll recording in history, a story contested by many others. If you want to know the complete story, including the original lyrics + sample, click here
In our version, Dirk "Saxy D" Verbrugge plays the tenor sax solo. It's great fun to play this song, with a very infectious groove. Dancing is allowed. 

MP3 (3,33 Mb) MP3 (532 Kb)
One room country shack
(Johnny Guitar Watson, arr. BL & THF)

There's our Johnny again: 2nd cover of this great blueslegend on our demo (after "Don't touch me"), and in our early days we also used to play "Half Pint of Whiskey" and "Gangster of Love". 
The horn arrangement is (for once) an entirely original one, written by (ta-daaa...) me , while El Vits does the honours with a great guitar solo.

MP3 (2,97 Mb) MP3 (498 Kb)
I came here to rock
(Vidar Busk)
  MP3 (525 Kb)
Party Hardy
(Bad Luke & The Happy Few)
  MP3 (429 Kb)
All work and no play
(Van Morrison)
  MP3 (357 Kb)


So, what do you think? Great music? A big pile of sh...? Please let us know on Bad Luke's Guestbook. And don't worry: we can take some bad critics... as long as we're allowed to answer :-)


  Demo 1999: our previous demo-CD


You can find some samples here from our previous demo-CD, in Real Audio G2 format (min. 28.8kbps modem). If you haven't got RealPlayer yet, you can go and get it at: http://www.real.com/products/player . But don't forget to come back here afterwards! (Or better still, bookmark this website...)

These recordings were also our first attempt to play with a horn section (on 2 songs). Willy Janssens played the baritone sax, then stuck around for a while, and today he's one of The Horny Sexion's three permanent members. 


real producer G2 (2126 bytes) getfree.jpg (1879 bytes)

  (click a song)

hoes midden (3187 bytes) hoes voor (22641 bytes)

Tracks: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |


This CD was recorded in Meise (Belgium), in march 1999, by these poor lonesome cowboys:

Vocals, backing vocals:  Hans "Boekes" Deboeck  hammond 2 (2296 bytes)
Guitar:  Chris "de Nr" Vits   dirk hammond 1 (2075 bytes)
Piano, Hammond:  Dirk Maes
Bass, backing vocals:  Alain "Provist" Janssen
Drum:  Philippe "Fluppel" Schoovaerts  
Percussion on ( 4 ) and ( 9 ): Rudy Opdenacker, Thor, BL & THF
Extra backing vocal on ( 1 ), ( 5 ), ( 9 ): Mike Brunswick  

Horns on ( 2 ) and ( 9 )
   (arranged by Dirk Maes) :

horns (3190 bytes)  horns 2 (2913 bytes)
Bariton Sax: Willy Janssens willy(2483 bytes)
Alt Sax: Christian Duvelier christian (2482 bytes)
Trombone: Geert Bekaert geert (2800 bytes)


  First (old) demo: what we used to sound like...


  Here you can listen to our very first demotape. Please note though that this tape has been recorded somewhere in '96, with another rhythmsection, with a harpplayer that has left the band in '97, in fact there are only 3 members from that session that still play in the band today (Hans, Chris and I). So it isn't representative anymore, but it's still fun to here what we were doing back then. 

First try to stream the demos, but if the connection gives too much trouble (it's just http-streaming), there's still the option of downloading the files seperately, to listen directly from your hard-disk.


Real Audio 3.0

16 kbps

Titel Stream Download
How do you spell love ? (start) 1 min 19 sec 155 Kb
Move on down the road 2 min 14 sec 261 Kb
Just a little bit 1 min 50 sec 217 Kb
Kansas City 2 min 47 sec 327 Kb
High Fashion Woman 1 min 40 sec 196 Kb
Lesson or two 2 min 17 sec 269 Kb
Caledonia 3 min 16 sec 384 Kb
How do you spell love ? (end) 49 sec 97 Kb



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- Dirk Maes

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