Bad Luke & The Happy Few... This is the official "Bad Luke & The Happy Few" website: welcome, nice to see you here, have a seat !!  

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Bad Luke & The Happy Few is a belgian bluesband, aiming to obtain the right balance between "having a good time" and delivering quality. Our common language and passion are the Blues, and Rhythm 'n Blues. And we sure hope the same thing for you !!

... featuring The Horny Sexion

Bad Luke Framed !

  What can you find on this website:
  • WHO is Bad Luke, who are the Happy Few, and what is The Horny Sexion ?
  • WHAT: samples of our demo CD (MP3 and Real Audio)
  • WHEN: gig schedule
  • LINKS: speaks for itself
  • INFO: all useful information (adresses, telephonenumbers)
  • GUESTBOOK: feedback with Bad Luke's Guestbook


 New on the site :

featuring: The Horny Sexion


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